How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser

How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser

Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android ,By using this simple method .Enjoy the web utility with full of charge at free of costs.Download the Add-on in the browser in google chrome and enjoy the full usage of Google chrome.Maybe the chrome extensions will be supported in android by officially.

Chrome Extensions for android is the best demanding thing for tech lovers. Now days there are many android users wants that to use the google Chrome Extensions on android.There are many add-on are available for desktop users .But the android users are also want to use Google Chrome Extensions on Android .There are many ways to use the Google chrome Extensions on android .I Will Tell you a reliable method for using the Google Chrome Extensions.

In the Android there are two ways to install these Google Chrome extensions .By Rooting the Android And without Rooting.Rooting cannot be possible for everyone for that reason .I will tell you the methods by without rooting .

How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser
How to Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser

Install Chrome Extensions On Android Yandex Browser :

Install Chrome Extensions On Android Kiwi Browser :

  • Download or Install Kiwi Browser from the Google Play Store or from the given Link.
  • Now Open URL Bar and go to
  •  Then Search For Your Extension And click to Add to Chrome.
  • Then the Browser will download the file .Then it will install on the browser.

There are Many Extensions Link For SEO mozbar ,seoquake,and much more .These Google Chrome extensions support for better web surfing.You can able to install the scripts form this browser.It is one of the best browser Which Supports the chrome Extensions on android.

What if the browser doesn’t supports any extension?

There are  many Android smartphones does not support the web extensions.Because of their web limits.If extension are not supported by the browser.Then  you can download the same featured browser. From the another platform or any another application.Which supports your device.

In Yandex there is an inbuilt Add on  plugin. Which support the Chrome extensions due to that it supports the Chrome extensions. The kiwi supports full of all the extension which are provided on the Chrome. Kiwi based on chromium browser .For Android and for that it has more extension than that of the Yandex browser.

Chrome extensions required for any web developer or any blogger .Also daily driver can use this browser. So in the next upcoming years there can be the official support . Extensions to the Chrome browser in Android .But now we have to use this tricks to use the Chrome extensions on Android devices. The Chrome extensions and also installed on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Why kiwi  Chrome browser?

The kiwi browser basically works on the Chrome algorithm.But it is an chromium browser which runs on the Google blink engine and web kits. Due to that you will experience same page speed and load speed .As of the Android browsers. The kiwi browser also has many features such a ad blocker,night mode.

At most all the extensions and features which are used .In the Chrome Android that will all will find in the kiwi browser.

kiwi  Chrome browser
kiwi  Chrome browser

Features of kiwi Chrome browser:

  • Built in chromium code.
  • All the extensions are supported by kiwi browser.
  • Also night mode is present and ad blocker.
  • Lightspeed mode and data saver mode.
  • Also the core features are present as like Chrome.

Why to use Yandex browser?

Yandex browser is one of the most popular Android browser .Which is also available on the Google Play Store .It has about 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.Russian web search corporation has developed this browser .This Browser also uses the web link technology .Which was used in the Chrome kiwi browser. It is also one of the open source project.

The Yandex browser has an inbuilt antivirus scanner. It checks all the files which are downloaded and which we are surfing on the web .This browser also uses the Opera browser turbo  technology .Speeds the web page load speed  for the slower connection.

The Yandex  browser has an turbo mode. Which is required whenever the slower connections are present. It automatically detects the slower connection . Enables the turbo mode. Yandex browser has its own Store .For any plugins  you can download from the Yandex Store.

Yandex browser for android
Yandex browser

How To Add Chrome Extensions To Firefox

If  you to use chrome extensions on firefox .Then you can install chrome extensions on firefox by using add on.To Install the extensions follow the steps:

  • First of all Download the Firefox or Firefox Nightly browser from the Google Play Store.
  • Click on top right corner .Here you will find Three dots .
  • select the Desktop view from the options.
  • Now search on google for “Google Chrome Foxified” and install the plugin.
  • Activate the installed plugin.
  • Go to Chrome Web Extensions and click on “Add to Firefox”
  • You have successfully  Installed chrome extensions on firefox.

Installing Chrome Extensions on firefox can create some issues. Incompatibilities issues so I will suggest  you to go with Yandex Browser.This will also cause some of the speed issues or page loading issues for some sites.Yandex so simple to use and it is much faster than the Mozilla  Firefox.

Also you can try kiwi browser for android.Which is also one of best browser in page loading ,East to Use framework.


We can Install the Google chrome Extensions on Android.For that Yandex is one of the best browser .Also  Kiwi Browser for android is useful ininstalling and using these extensions.These extensions will help you to give better surfing on web.

I hope this will be helpful for you .Comment for any problems .We are here to solve your problems.


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