Start A Blog 2020

How to start a blog?

Start a  blog 2020 and going online in web is much easier like installing an Android application from the Google play store .Now all the things are in a simple way. So anyone can understand and do that. So now you can develop website or blog in 2020 without coding. If you are a little bit knowledge about how to code that’s ok good but without knowledge of coding you can create a website or blog.

Hello, welcome guys in this  post we are going to talk about start a blog in 2020. There are basic things start a blog to discuss we have to clearly divide all the points and then we go for the practical demo.

How To Start A Blog 2020
How To Start A Blog 2020

What are the requirements to start a blog?

For starting a blog you need  basic things. First of all the domain and then the hosting you can use the free blogger hosting for a demo purpose. If you are a beginner then go for blogger hosting which is free and best.Otherwise If you have some kind of knowledge about WordPress then you can go for wordpress hosting.First of all we have to buy a domain from any registrar. Example Godaddy, bigrock, hosting Raja etc….

After buying a domain name then you have to go for hosting after that find the domain name servers and point  to the the hosting name servers. After  successfully pointed the domain name servers to the hosting servers.Now the next step  is you have to wait for 10 -15 minutes for the propagation of domain to the hosting server. 

How to install wordpress on your server?

Installing WordPress is much easier like installing an application. There is a tool called Softaculous Installer it have more than 1500 scripts. In which wordpress is more popular for the content management system .WordPress is much similar like blogger but in blogger there are limitations in many things like SEO etc.

Go to the software apps in the Cpanel of your hosting server and search for WordPress .Choose your domain go with easy method that is automatic install. If you are a beginner don’t go for custom install now click install after that your wordpress is installed in your web directory.After that if you want to install an SSL that is secure server protocol for the user interface .So you can install SSL which is free provided bye Let’s encrypt authority.

How to start blog post writing ?

After installing WordPress now go to your admin panel that is WordPress panel.Here you can see all the option about the particular functions there are many options such as plugins ,dashboard posts, categories, media, etc.

If you have to write your first blog post then go in the post section and here by default wordpress  add’s default post for your understanding. How to write a article so click on the new post and here you can find all the tools that is editor to write a post.In this way you can write a article and you can update, you can do many things with the wordpress editor.

How to Earn Money Through the blog?


For earning from blog there are many ways such as AdSense, affiliate marketing or other advertising networks but in if you are using an advertising network then I’ll will recommand you to go with AdSense. It is the best online advertising from the Google.

AdSense is a product of Google and it is genuine so you will get 100%  of your payment. First of all you have to setup your website after a particular moment when you know  about all the adsense policies and you are eligible for that then you should go for to apply AdSense otherwise will get many errors.

2)Affiliate Marketing :

If you are choosing the affiliate marketing then there are such good affiliate marketing websites for example Amazon,Flipkart in eBay in which Amazon is the best.For choosing the affiliate marketing you need more than traffic because without traffic you cannot the referral money from the Amazon for that you have to drive more traffic to your website and then you can earn from the website that is from affiliate marketing.

Nowadays there are many affiliate marketing bloggers they are earning lacs per month because they are driving more traffic to their affiliate sites affiliate marketing without traffic you cannot earn a single rupee

How to Do SEO of your new blog?

What is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation if you have to want free traffic from the Google search engine then you have to do SEO of your blog after  then your blog will be ranked.Without SEO you cannot get the traffic from the search engine for the adsense earning you need your major traffic from the  Google search engine.

In this blog post I have guided you to how to start a blog from the wordpress tutorial so in the next blog post I will show  tutorial with blogger that is Free.If you have any problem in any situation of starting your blog then you can contact me from the contact us page or any social media page .

Comment your problems I’ll be here for your solutions.


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