How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device

How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device

Hello and welcome friends today this blog post. I will explain you how to Unlock Bootloader of any Xiaomi  device. There are few basic things to unlock any Bootloader for unlocking you need some time.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device 2020
How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device 2020

What are the requirements to unlock the Bootloader of Xiaomi Device?

  1. First of all you need a Mi device.
  2. You need desktop computer.
  3. Some required tools and files.
  4. Fastboot drivers and ADB drivers.
  5. A little bit knowledge.

Follow Steps To Unlock the Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Phone:

First of all you have to create an Xiaomi  account in your Android device .You will find an option in setting that is MI account go in MI account.Here you will find login or sign up .If you have already created an account then you just login otherwise click on sign up button .Fill up all the details that is name last name address and phone number.

After that you will get OTP to your provided number while registering with the MI account.complete the verification by entering the One time Password .

Link Xiaomi Device  To Xiaomi account:

For linking your MI device to mi account you have to follow the steps. First of all  you need to login in your MI account and then go in the about phone section.Here you will find  the option called system information. Click on the system information and here you will find the option build number.

To unlock the developer option just click 7-8 times on the build number.Then your developer option will be unlocked .You will see an message developer option is unlocked. Now the next thing is we have to enable OEM unlocking and link the MI account to mi device.

Go to settings and then go to advanced settings .Here you will find developer option click on developer options this find the first option that is USB debugging. Just click on enable and then accept .Now go to OEM unlocking click on it unable unlocking at the last step you’ll find an option your device is locked find an option that add MI account to this MI device.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device 2020
How to Unlock Bootloader of Any Xiaomi Device 2020

You have successfully linked your MI account to your MI device now now you have to just wait for 72 hours that is for 3 days before that your bootloader should not be unlock it’s a rule .

Unlocking procedure of Xiaomi Bootloader :

Now hear the final step comes. We have to download the MI unlock tool .I will provide you the all the links from there you can download all the tools and drivers. Then  install the MI unlock tool into your windows that is anyone 7, 8 or 10 . Also install the fastboot and ADB drivers. After  all this setup is completed go to your start button and here will you find an option of Mi unlock tool now open the application.

Now login with your MI account which is link to your MI device. This is mandatory step so follow carefully if you link to another device. Then it will not unlock the device you will throw an error and your device will not be unlocked. After your successful login to your MI account .now the next step is you have to unlock the bootloader unlock tool.

Mi Unlock Tool Setup :

First boot your MI device into fastboot mode.For booting in fastboot mode you have to press power button and volume down button at the same time.Hold for 15 seconds after that you see in fastboot logo on your my device screen. That means you are successful booted into your fastboot mode.

Now in your go to your windows and open the application MI unlock tool.Then connect your MI device which is in fastboot mode to your computer through USB connector. Now the device shown up in the MI unlock tool .Now click on unlock it  takes 3 – 5 minutes to unlock the bootloader. After waiting you see an Message the device is unlocked.

Hey guys you have  successfully unlocked the Bootloader of MI device.

If you have any problems in this procedure then you can comment me I will be here for your solutions.

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